Hi there! I’m a 40-something, Christian-American, GenX-er with Millennial tendencies and Italian/Irish heritage. I am the owner of a small, successful pet sitting business and part-time church administrator for my own church family by day, and an amateur photographer, yoga junkie, aspiring blogger and wanna-be-techno geek in my spare time. I currently am enrolled in the Full Stack Web Development track in the Learn Verified online program of Flatiron School.

I currently live in Stamford, Connecticut…but my heart resides in New Hampshire. I share my life and home with a menagerie of pets, that includes: 2 dogs, 2 cats, 8 ferrets, 2 parrotlets, 2 bearded dragons, 3 leopard geckos, 3 sugar gliders and an African Grey parrot (in a pear tree!)…at the moment…These numbers are volatile and are subject to change due to failed foster-parenting attempts

When I am not working or cleaning up after my little zoo, you may find me: spending time learning to code; doing yoga; reading; surfing the web; hula-hooping; knitting; playing with my dogs; making soap; hanging out with family and friends; taking photographs of animals, flowers and other random things that catch my eye or researching the next exciting thing that I wanna be when I grow up!