Journey to Code

My journey to a new career path as a web developer

A Few of my New Favorite Ruby Gems

This is the fifth installment of the blogging assignments (out of seven), that I am required to complete during the Fullstack Web Development online program, LearnVerified, at the Flatiron School. Not only do they ‘make us’ learn lots of code…they want us to blog about it as well. This installment will cover some of my new favorite Ruby gems that I have discovered so far during my learning to code journey.

My First Contribution to Open Source

As a student of the Learn Verified program at Flatiron School, I suppose the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer, as students of Flatiron School, we have the opportunity to become contributors to our own lesson platform.

The Code Streak Lives

Just a day or so after managing to break my 109-day-code-streak at the LearnVerified program of Flatiron School, I have been spending a lot of time pondering the value of the code streak.

Explain HTML and CSS to your Mom

You might remember from my last post, that my mom passed away right before the holidays in 2015. So naturally this blog assignment, with it’s prompt of “Explain HTML and CSS to your mom”, caught me a little by surprise, since I would give anything to be able to really tell my mom all about my ‘learning to code’ journey.

Why I decided to learn to code